Wonderful content indeed. My concerns about this entire thinking finds its roots in man’s inability to explain how to best live on the planet we have found ourselves on. Billionaires not withstanding, their need to be above the crowd both figuratively and as per this article, literally is the very elitist mentality that lacks the foundation of sensibility.

They are unable to solve the issue of perpetual existence on Earth so they perpetuate their lack of ingenuity by escaping the reality, the wars, the deceases, the inability to have found global peace, the inhumanity all a product of what, they, these same Billionaires and or reckless successive global governmental bodies were absolutely responsible for creating.

While I am as interested in the stars and beyond and so many others, my interest is to be founded in sharing of our clean air, water, ingenuity of the longevity of our lives not finding new places to pollute. Until such time that we are able to do just that, I think we stargaze all we want but turn off the dam polluting rockets and find new ways to travel at light speed with the clarity and cleanliness of light itself

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