Fade in EIPODE 4

The camera is showing historically relevant action and images of a slave plantation as the story below is being narrated.

Hellen Sheppard
(Voice Over Spoken with a Caribbean accent)

There are lots of stories being told about our little county of Erindale Lockiebe but none…

Jessica Felicio

They say nothing known
can survive in the heart of the Sun
And yet here I am
comfortable in yours

They say nowhere
the river of life is known to run
And yet here I am
saved by your tears

They say be aware
the devil is on the run
And yet I walk in the shadows
you having taken away my fears

They say live for today
if tomorrow never comes
And yet I’m only here
because my tomorrows you’ve
never shun~


© Anthony Cloe Huie 2021

Saief Al Emon

there were
No bridges broken
No roads blocked
No mountains invisible
No fathomless valleys
No shifting of the wind
No directing the rain
No sitting, awaiting
someone to blame

Face to face
I’ve acknowledged my shame
and when tomorrow comes
I’ll love you just the same

From the highline…


Feeling philosophical Monday kind of a day!
Ever wake up some days feeling as if you have lost
the keys to your own heart.
It’s not he lost that concerns you as much
because you have lived this life before. …

Toa Heftiba@heftiba

I would fight for your life
be you in love with me or not
that is humanity
But if you say you love me
I should never the need
to fight for your love
that would be inhumane
If you love me its freely given
nothing in return…

Richard Horvath

I don’t want to be here
when this day ends
I don’t want to leave
but I can’t stay
I can’t do it
I can’t face the Broken Dreams
of another day
awake I’ll stay
allowing one day to bleed
seamlessly into another
one unbroken
continuously broken dream

I don’t want to be here
but I’m going to stay
I just don’t care
Why’s everybody so afraid
of speaking the truth
all so afraid of the demons
hiding in the shade
Making everybody’s so afraid
speaking their minds
as if it would suddenly
find you completely out of time
I don’t want to be here
but at least I still breathe air


You brought me home to your heart
locked the door
and then
you left me there in the dark
in it’s sadness
in the loneliness with the promise that
we would never again be apart.

And yet each day I look to see
if there is a light coming from…

I am the darkness that dimmed your light
I am the cold that dampened your warmth
I am the past that cancelled your future
I am the river having ran dry in your rainy season

I am the thirst that knows no quenching
I am cupid’s arrow broken
I am…

Ramille Soares


“And sometimes on abandoned shores
we find ourselves
not because at first set adrift
nor deaf to the calling of well wishers
not because we seek the solitude
of loneliness
not even the idealistic
indulgence in search of spiritual

And sometimes on abandoned shores
we find ourselves
because it is only here
our minds can finally rest
free of their persistence request
no longer the need to answer
their relentless
soul sapping
question of

And it is only in this moment
our creativity can be free
to express itself creatively
bringing light to the very discoveries
you once failed to see.
This is me~”

Today get out there be you what ever form that may be.


Anthony Cloe Huie

Choose Living Over Existing(CLOE)Gender Free Writer(GFW), MartialArts-Auth"The Spirit That Guides Us" "Noir AM""The Lottery" https://twitter.com/dropoutgorgeous

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