Your Shakespeare~

Scene 1
I wish I had the patience of Shakespeare when writing you a most deserving
I wish I had the power to grant this restless world Peace
And if only I were the eternal force I’d grant you the cure to your Pain
And when awaking to overcast skies your joy would not be dampened by the moisture on your window Pane
And if only by definition and if only in your dreams I could be your romantic Payne
All these things and so much more I would gladly offer you for the Taking
When all around me so many undeserving, for granted I’ve been Taken
But spilt milk like needless regret does me no service my mom would say, “there, There”
Put away those tears and come over here and be a Dear

Nothing heals a broken heart faster than a walk in the willows
and the viewing of a grazing Deer
I wish I had the grasp of your language to know the difference between Dare and Their
Wishing you had the time like you’ve done for so many others, for me to spare
making it easier for me to breathe when from my heart you pull this spear
And no longer would you be haloed by my constant sign of despair

Scene 2
I only cry when it’s raining to hide my shameful tears
I only smile when the sun shines brightest in pretense
when actually fighting the glare
I’m deaf to your harsh words even though I hear you quite clear
I’m always humble when your treatment of me causes others to stop and stare
Cause love whilst being blind
in me has become a different type of kind
You’ve long flushed me but you’re still stuck in your heart
Maybe tomorrow will offer me a fresh start

Scene 3
I am on the raw edge of my last nerve and you are the craving
that annoys me
You’re the attractive daily special that got me in the doorway
I am your Pavlov’s dog Rex salivating at your arrival
Licking all fingers, kissing my imagination of you
Tasting your lips, thirsting so badly I can feel the hunger long
after all has been devoured
I am grasping for each breath taken, I am strangled
by my greed for you
l am weak, calorie starved, dazed and confused, missing you when
you have only just arrived
Come break bed with me, let me drink of your wine, let us
get tangled in your sheets rapped into something far too divine
for the simplicity of words to truly define
You are the craving that annoys me~

I wish I had the patience of Shakespeare instead I find myself now reading Robespierre in writing you this Piece most deserving




Choose Living Over Existing(CLOE)Gender Free Writer(GFW), MartialArts-Auth"The Spirit That Guides Us" "Noir AM""The Lottery"

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