You are my sweetest denial~

Vincent van Zalinge @vincentvanzalinge

You are my sweetest denial
my bridge to that place where no one ever goes
You are my altered state
my fantasy my guiding light back to reality
At times I want you so close
I’m afraid you’ll breathe and be lost to me forever
You are my comfort zone my safer than home
And when I think of you being all alone
No one at your side
No guide
Only the constant of all thoughts
Unlike the butterfly we have no proof
from cocoon back to you
I know there is only one like you
And you are my truth
I will be your altered state
You stay that beautiful butterfly
Letting me be the one to lay dormant
Old as I am as time passes me by
Live for me, live for you
Live for there will be time enough to die
Time enough to say goodbye
You are my sweetest denial
My fantasy, my guiding light back to reality
Please stay
I need you here
I assure you everything will be ok


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