Wonderfully stated and it would be foolish to argue with age as a reason for dismissal when all around us it is the lack of wisdom (age) that has us on a seemingly partway of destruction when referencing our global warming and related conditions.
However, reviewing the many statements made, it was, in my view, only Whoopie Goldberg on her talk show that used the phrase “ Nancy Pelosi is OLD” as a reason given by the ‘incoming representation of youth” in the new senator Ms Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

When checking the statements made by Ms. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the group she now beacons, no where did she ever say, Mrs Pelosi was too old. What was said however is that Mrs. Pelosi represents THE OLD GUARD and not that they are OLD but they are bankrupt of ideas that benefits the needs of the next incoming generation of youth.

You can be 99 years of age and still be with the youthfulness of thought and refreshing in your ideals for those destined to inherit your legacy.


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