Wonderful, interesting, very well researched informative piece. Having lived through that time, your article has helped me to better articulate many of the points of views, I THOUGHT I HAD, having now realized much was based on misinformation.
One thing remained consistent then as it is now, is the hypocrisy that we have used to frame “WOMEN” (WIVES) with. We hang those having not “HONOURED” their vows, when things go south, with names like, Gold diggers, shallow etc…yet we hand those who “HONOUR” the foundation of their vows, “FOR BETTER OR WORST” be retroactively deciding for them that which constitute “WORST” versus that which constitute, “ok that is too much, stay one moment longer and it is all your fault and you are now equally guilty”
Again thank you so very much for having taken the time to write such an insightful piece.


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