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I have not even accepted that this life is mine yet the marketing geniuses employed by the medical community are upset that I along with 97% of us refuses to accept our eventual death. The idea of mentally and or emotionally separating my organs from my body is akin to having an out of body experience only this one, sees my many body parts on a table like meat for sale in a butchers shop.

Sorry, I will never sign an Organ Donation Card. I do not want to accept my death, let me unabashedly quote myself,
I do not believe in death yet
I know it will eventually find me.”
still I do not haste on that eventuality. The request for organ donation gives me a sense of that race to my own death.

Now if you told me that I would be ‘Sharing My Life” something about that entire line of thinking, spiritually, emotionally and mentally gives me a sense of longevity far from the sense of impeding death of an Organ Donation Campaign.



Anthony Cloe Huie (Choose Living Over Existing)

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