Walk away in tears, broken in your heart
The silence of a love long past its moment
If you could have stayed, to give it one more chance
Would it have been worth the painful memories

Now you are on your way, no time for looking back
Close the door on the things you can’t return to
So wipe away your tears, put to rest your fears
Set your heart on mountains that greets the sunshine

One foot down before you, while the other prepares to guide you
To walk on greener pastures never before been your pathway
Lift your voice from depression; break away the shackles of oppression
Take your place in the circle of the life you have always envisioned

Rejoice with a smile to know you are worthwhile
You have always been beauty in my eyes
Now silence the voices from behind with the promises to be kind
Burn the bridges of regret, no more secrets to confess

All there is to say, the words have all been spoken
Now you are enjoying a heart no longer broken
Having no more fears of which to be forsaken
Knowing that you need no longer settling just to be someone’s token.

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