Today’s Growth~(letting go)

Today I was reminded of what I have preached so many times.

While standing in line for service at the Grocery store, a lady comes up, clearly ignoring my presence and continues to order (and yes absolutely sure she saw me).
So I made very clear to the attendant what I wanted, he acknowledged but still he served the lady before me.
I was between expressing my views and or leaving the product. I did neither. What I did instead was to hold on to that anger all the way to the check out line. It was a very long line.
While standing there holding on to my three items, the Lady in line ahead of me, (with full shopping cart) comes to me and say, “Please go ahead of me, you only have a few things!”

I had to share with her what had been on my mind just prior to her talking to me and how it was clear that I needed to “Let go of things” much easier.
Ironically the time I saved from her offer far outweighed the time lost by the previous lady having cut in front of me.
Message to self, “Let first world issues go” and focus on more important behaviors.

Yes the two ladies were (visibly) of the very same culture and yes it may very well have played a part in my anger and subsequent growth.

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