Time To Come Home~


Oh those cool evening breezes that flows over us like the memories of days gone by on the sandy beaches of home.

Oh so very long ago it now seems a lifetime ago when bare feet were our carriages and laughter our only disarming weaponry

And the only sounds we lived in fear of were those of “time to come home”

And sadness now takes up residence where joys once filled and visions lessened by aging sight unable to hear those voices we once so feared
how we longed to hear those voices once more

While some pray to be again in the company of lives long passed others lived in fear of that final call, will it be from up high or way down low
live not in fear of that final goodbye

Play fearlessly of the voice you once feared
eventually all warriors from their final battle are spared
“It’s time to come home”




Anthony Cloe Huie (Choose Living Over Existing)

Choose Living Over Existing(CLOE)Gender Free Writer(GFW), MartialArts-Auth"The Spirit That Guides Us" "Noir AM""The Lottery" https://twitter.com/dropoutgorgeous