This Love Of Ours~

Anthony Cloe Huie
2 min readFeb 15, 2019


Christin Hume@christinhumephoto

They said this would be so easy
if only we would lay eyes on each other
And now that we have,
it is easy to see this is going be hard
At first, the memories came rushing in
None of which sat well with my very thin skin
And then came the sweetest of memories
All of which ignored my years of pain,
my many nights of placing blame,
the loneliness, the unhappiness, the hurt
Then you touch my face,
making me question myself,
what was it all worth

What will all the people say
All those that held my hand,
took a mutual stand
The teas, the coffees, the melancholy,
sometimes when I just stood and stared,
and nothing was there to hide my tears
Nothing but the million images flashing by
and in each and every one, there you were,
me constantly drowning
you always dry

Still this heart of mine, ran to you
the moment you appeared, recklessly,
a traitor to the many promises we made,
me promising never again to have it broken,
it promising never again to love you
Yet, here we all are, your heart greeting mine,
mine foolishly forgetting never to you be kind

But I got both fingers crossed behind
At first I was clear it was to free me from
any promises made to you,
now with but a simple smile, I think they're
crossed hoping
this time this love of ours be true
'Cause I am weakened
by the simple presence of you
Never again will I be so cavalier of others
Surely they must know better I’d say
Here I am praying,
surely I should have known better
than to have behaved that way

And as the music plays
all memories of past pain melting away
with each new touch of your hand
I think, God, this is so beautiful
Surely this must have been what you meant
when you said, wait patiently
to the unfolding
of your master plan
Perhaps I just want to dream that last one
But this time, it feels so much better than
when this love of ours first began~

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Christin Hume@christinhumephoto



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