This is, among so many other, seemingly disconnected relationships, now proving each and every day to be more important than we could ever at first have imagined, is of course absolutely wonderful to be exposed, knowledge heals. However our focus on the medical institutionalization and subsequent monopoly of our health, more specifically as in this case the health of our women, can not rest solely on the backs of the medical community.

Having recently, (and still in its grip) being entangled in the “ritualistic closing of the medical rank and file” around the health of a family member, it is time that we take BACK CONTROL of that which we so easily proxy out to those with the White Coats.

As patients we need to take the strong stance and DEMAND, respectfully yes but DEMAND none the less more attention and much more simple words when answering questions that we have as patients. Imagine the medical community now informing the SICK AND DYING that they are ONLY ALLOWED ONE question about their health per visit.

We as patients hold a larger part of that responsibility of the quality and investigative care that we receive.


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