There Will Come A Friday~


Ayo Ogunseinde@armedshutter

There will come a day
a Friday
when you look around and only silence
will greet your inquiring eyes
When not even your own echo will respond
to your calling
and yet nothing would have disturbed your hearing
it will be a time of confusion and trepidation
for the uninitiated
So complete in its serenity
even the airborne creatures
will fly gracefully in its void
And all the time you previously had not
will suddenly be at your command
And the days you longed for will forever
be the days you arrive at each and every day

There will come a day
a Friday
when you will reach out to touch someone
but all sense of touch would have died
just like you
Be thankful today is not that Friday
Reach out and touch someone with love




Anthony Cloe Huie (Choose Living Over Existing)

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