The War Between Us!

Japanese old mailbox, Kifune, Kyoto

Once when I was in love, it was painful
It was lonely, exhausting and fearful
The love I felt never spoke to me
never smiled or even had a dance with me
it was a constant drain on my brain
taking me to places I would never go again
forever trying to change my destiny
passion and compassion stood next to me
pumping me up all about the ecstasy
then crying the blues but never making love to me

Once when I was in love, it was forever
for a return letter of a lover’s endeavor
three weeks to go before reading its suffrage
many more weeks just cuddling over its coverage
love was cold over distance it flowed
into instances becoming just a hollow shroud
fading away all memories of once so proud-ly
we spoke of a love so deeply without boundary
it burned with such heat made the heart melt
now not even the sadness of losing can be felt

Once when I was in love the joy of time
was blissfully awaited, appreciated and sublime
would be the bond of faith that tomorrow
brings forth hopeful words sung by the sparrow
that penned each letter with a stoke of love
for a lost soul in a land of a thousand white doves
and life would again be fulfilled for yet another
long weary season wondering would this be closure
to an open ended wound of long distances
fading memories from whence we traveled on ocean breezes

Once when I was in love, time became obsessed
still writing and already you’re demanding a retest
seconds after release it is already causing your unrest
my thoughts are not even out of my head
already suggesting we make it your thoughts instead
I am in need of time to fall in love with your absence
oh how I missed those days of long distance romance

Time it seems only valued when measured in tolerance
True love returns when distance and time converge
then sad memories from our minds finally we purge




Choose Living Over Existing(CLOE)Gender Free Writer(GFW), MartialArts-Auth"The Spirit That Guides Us" "Noir AM""The Lottery"

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