The Things I remember about the things I’ve forgotten

Glen Noble@glennoble

They are times a slight variation in the frequency of sound, a passing car perhaps the faintest scent of a stranger’s perfume or cologne and suddenly you are completely in the midst of a long forgotten memory; and then you wonder, “how could I have forgotten about that”

At times the “That” we have forgotten is framed in such complex baggage we remember more about the why’s, the when’s the “oh my gosh that was so very painful” packaging than the very thing itself.

Case in point; though I love to travel, (by air) it has long been a most discomforting feeling at each and every landing. It is not the anxiety of neither takeoff nor the landing in and of itself. It is clearly the waiting that comes in between each arrival point and the expected arrival of the transportation to my destination. Try though I may, I have long struggled to calm myself at the very point when I should be most calm, having arrived safely on the ground.

Sitting in my room having taken a recent trip, it all came rushing back to me. I had forgotten the very hurtful, painful feelings of not having being picked up at the airport when I wore a younger man’s shoe, seemingly so many decades ago. I suddenly remembered the anxious hours I waited, in vain having arrived back from the homeland and NO ONE WAS THERE TO GREET ME!

Apparently, they did not take seriously multiple messages sent to inform them of my pending arrival.
The Things I remember about the things I’ve forgotten



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