The Scars you bare “I know you already know”

Alice Moore @alicemoore

You have been called upon
to answer many a battle cry
You wear the scars of War
And your weapons have been
that being your
“Iron deliberations”
Rest my solider let us carry you
over those pathways once deemed
too painful to traverse.

“Nobody has ever said to my heart
such comforting words”

The words for you pour from me like
they were droplets in a dam long
overflowing but by the grace of your
arrival we did not drown.
You are here for a purpose
and I
am here for your benefit

“I have never let anybody carry
For a moment
the desire to have you carry me
so great
So tempting
Wanting so much
to relinquish
My clenched grip
For a moment
To breathe freely”

In the trust of our life long relationship
will ever be taken for granted
nothing taken
without having being first offered.
Lay your head on my pillow
and rest
knowing you’ll never have to explain
We already know…

“I know you already know”

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