Quiet your mind

The Preacher Speaks [Feat Sheddi]

Give yourself a moment


For you today, take time to listen to others, take time to listen to the many voices in silence, crying out for someone to listen

Every Sunday you can hear him speak
from his pleas
the word of God’s book
he’ll teach
And come Monday
his Sundays become oblique
you alone are left on your knees
trying to draw straight lines
on his crocked floor

There God!

Just let me sleep
for I can take no more

And the voices in your head
Take nothing from my yesterdays
nothing from tomorrow
to be borrowed
love this day
until you’re filled
leaving no evidence
of today
ever having existed

For the blood heats in your veins
and your anger
and your pain
and the voices in your head
all saying something in you
has died
But you know it’s not true
by the blood on his hands
you know something in you

And once more
you find yourself on the floor
this time
praying for forgiveness
praying for understanding
praying for someone to listen
to hear your cry
to dry your eye
No one is coming to your rescue
There will be no sermon
this Sunday
only one new funeral
on Monday




Anthony Cloe Huie (Choose Living Over Existing)

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