Murdered by Politicians

The Night The Truth Died~

Found dead on election night

FILE In this Saturday, July 9, 2016 file photo (AP Photo/Max Becherer)

I have had this conversation from time to time
My using the phrase
“in search of truth”
Not the task of differentiating the simplicity
of right versus wrong
Nor of giving a lie a higher class
shade or value
by the simplicity of
whitening the colour of its collar
Furthering clarification is that of the religious demand
to accept a series of stated
based on having to further accept still another unproven
should also be dismissed

Perhaps coming closest
would be our scientific understanding of
But then again
Not even our known science
could stand up to the
I seek
And there in lies the problem with my quest
My opponents are bounded
the confines of their learned selves
and I
am already beyond the reach
of such limited knowledge

Their imprisoned minds
will not allow
the light of possibility to enter
quickest to flow into that blink of an eye
is the light of sarcasm

“You must use proven scientific dogma”

they retort
For not to have done so
simply means
your many attempts
will otherwise be doomed
to their verdict of failure

Our physical presence
does not make us an example of truth
It simple makes true
the presence of something
we do not yet understand
Thus reducing
“very real”
to no more than a very fractionated
perhaps even insignificant role
in the body of the
I seek.

I do find the use
of religious description
in this next understanding
Perhaps the
I seek
is as blindingly
so far beyond my capacity
to absorb its
Perhaps to have gazed upon it
would immediately disintegrate
my every molecule
returning my substance to ash.
Thus the reason the many
of minds
having traveled before me
have never left us
not even the bread crumbs
of documented thoughts
of having arrived
at the dawning of the
I seek

Then again perhaps
not unlike the light we see
the air we breathe
the sound we make
is most simple
So simple is the
that the moment we attempt to seek it
we would have missed it
.. .. “hiding in plain sight”

While the journey towards the
can prove difficult
at times elusive
no such resistance is offered
when taking the journey
towards untruth

In the world of social media
where our youths are being trained to scroll
not to read
but just to keep on scrolling
where their eyes are now deceiving them
because they’re told
that which you have just seen is untrue
that which you have scrolled and read
that is truth
Sadly the search for truth
becomes less important
After all
why search for the truth when
my eyes deceive me
my ears deceive me
even the sound I make
no longer resonate
with anyone of value
Perhaps the
is no longer of value
no longer exist




Choose Living Over Existing(CLOE)Gender Free Writer(GFW), MartialArts-Auth"The Spirit That Guides Us" "Noir AM""The Lottery"

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Anthony Cloe Huie

Choose Living Over Existing(CLOE)Gender Free Writer(GFW), MartialArts-Auth"The Spirit That Guides Us" "Noir AM""The Lottery"