Serkan Turk@serkanturk

The mask I once wore when once I was a boy
has long been replaced by the many that came
and equally went
There was the mask of youthful awakening
a mask that signaled the transition from teen to
that which came in between
There was a mask of teenage love
but that was a quickly passing phase
But of all the mask I’ve every worn
of all the mask that became the shape of
this face
Non imprinted on me like the mask of you

And now decades long gone the mask I now wear
sits uncomfortable on the imprint of a previous one
And although I told myself you were so long gone
buried deep beneath the many scars of the many
having scarred this sacred face
Having buried every memory of the joy and pain
Having buried the shape of you far beyond
its own memory
On such a day as this, when the sun shines just so,
the shape of you
come bleeding through, its light forming the outline
of our many yesterdays

But soon the sun falls beyond the horizon
and all memories of you seeps into the emptiness
left behind
And the mask I now wear, reminds me of
the heat you
The love of you
The joy and sadly all too soon
the pain of you
So, mask adjusted
Horizon back in focus
We move on
Remembering the mask I once wore as a boy
has long been replaced by the many that came
and equally went
I just needed that moment to have quietly repent

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