Jessica Moore@venuseudora

The greatest romances in the world
are not the ones of which we are told
they’re not the ones so very timely revealed
or even those in the darkness we conceal
The greatest of romances in the world
often times are known exclusively to one
whilst to the other only blissful ignorance
the lover’s light never having been shun

The greatest romances in the world
are the unseen glances of love at
first sight’s imaginary kiss
It is the fractional second our eyes met
to just as quickly become
the eternal moments we’ll
forever second guess

And in the morning
When the sun rise
And your dreams have faded with the night
It’ll be too late to have taken your one chance at life
Too late to have taken a road never before traveled
Missing the greatest romance that never was
becoming now the greatest of romances that
so could have been

Sadly now in the longest of distance
a lonely heart, once thought to have been
the victim of blissful ignorance
sits alone, a half emptied glass of wine
in hand
taking time to reminisce
what would it have been like to have
ventured on the greatest of romances
of your imaginary kiss


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