Tears From The Sky


Ángel Navarro@navarrograz

Some days I feel so very heavy
the titanic could not have carried me
and then there are the days
when I find myself floating
above the ground
Just because of a long lost
memory of ours I’ve found
There are times when
I’ve been knocked down so many times
I feel like I’m always looking up
just to touch the ground
but then every so often,
I glimpse you smiling and the light
of your joy makes me feel I could
walk on water.
From time to time
a tear comes to my eye
to the world around there seems
to be no reason as to why
but I know that you know
the reason I cry

Now that I have found you
I begin to truly feel the pain
of having missed you
Although I can now see you
still I can’t be with you
still I can’t touch you
still I can’t feel you
And the emptiness of having
missed you comes rushing back
with its emptiness to
fill the void
of having missed you!

Some days I feel so very heavy




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