THERE ARE SECRETS TO LOVE MAKING! But they are only secrets because of ignorance!
Taken from Sir James Knight’s two stanzas, to me, not only makes logical conclusions but state a fact of the matter that we all too often ignore and that is, if you are going to share pleasure then at lease, BE IN THE MOMENT!

“{2. Be attentive. Pay attention. If she moaned and breathed harder the last time you touched her there, that’s a pretty damn good clue that she liked it. Do it again! If she tensed up and pulled away, she probably didn’t like it. Don’t do it again!

In my opinion, the absolutely most stupid question that a man can ask a woman is “did you cum?” Pal, if you were paying attention, you would know. Any man who asks that question of a woman should have his face slapped and his pussy privileges revoked.}”

Of course we ARE ALL DIFFERENT in our various ways of enjoying that which is being shared. Still we are all very much THE SAME in more ways than we often need to worry about.

I am sorry but with the exception of medical differences at birth, we all carry the very same packages. Some slightly larger, others oval, while still some most like oblong in shape or some other wonderfully described shape.

YES THERE ARE SECRETS TO LOVE MAKING! By the very nature that soooooooooo many men are still struggling to find the door bell, while others having found its location have not the slightest of clues weather to push it, squeeze it or just watch it and hope if watched long enough it will ring by itself, is a testament to the YES, there are SECRETS to “Suckcess”!

Sadly one of the greatest untruths being shared is that MEN are ignorant of what Women need. This is only ONE incident however it represents to me a rather important SECRET that has not been exposed with enough honesty. I stood in the adult love shop some time aback and by way of connecting conversations, found my self at the opposing end of an argument with the day manager of that store.

“She” argued that her pee arrived from inside her vagina. I responded that in fact while I categorically agreed with her, I could not agree with her expanded explanation. When explaining to her that in fact it would only take me a quick moment to find it on the internet and show her the difference, she angrily responded, that is why you men can never satisfy women.

My point is this, far too often men are held responsible for carrying the burden of failure when sharing pleasure when in fact, that responsibility if shared more honestly, would result in less stress and more pleasurable endings.

Asking what is more pleasurable of course works. Not all partners are comfortable speaking honestly in response to what they’d like best. So here is where Sir James Knight’s notes become one very valuable secret. By being in the moment, sensitivity, like the tongue of a ninja, every breath taken, every touch and every sound becomes your greatest messenger when not a single word need to be spoken.

What remains my greatest of pet peeves are the multitudes of gurus informing an uniformed sexually starved for answer audience, that, here are the [any Specific Number of ways] to xyz your sex life, GARBAGE!

In any one moment, you could discover any number of ways to satisfy your lover and it may never ever again be exactly like it was, yet seemingly just as exciting if not better than the last time. The act of sharing pleasure is not a NUMBERS GAME…. in fact it is not even a game. It is a form of the ancient call and answer and respond, adjust, call and answer and respond.

That’s my Secret



Anthony Cloe Huie (Choose Living Over Existing)

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