Super-mom…ish! Worry less about those well designed pick moms and or dads for that matter. All that you are doing will not measure up to having to spend one solitary day in Juvi-court with a now juvenile that was not shared time, sacrificed love and care for better looking hair, hardly noticed that they had a mother that cared but always the air was so very clear, no laundry near, no cups or saucers on the chairs not even a rag or socks in any place designated NOT HERE… Worry less about those well designed moms and dads not saying they are any thing that is bad just saying their stones are not to be placed in your backpack and the lines of GREAT PARENTHOOD should be drawn by those that awake in their beds early, curtains drawn to hear your voice saying Thank Heavens we have made it to another dawn.
You are the very best Mother they need.

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