Struggling with yet another mid-week philosophical question about your purpose here on this earth?

Firstly, where else would you rather be, after all it is not as if Mars was a viable option. Speaking of which, our more recent Earthly preoccupation with Mars as a distant option for living is a clear example of the ‘boxed in” knowledge of the scientific community when speaking about our “known” Universe.

Upon till recently, many if not all so called great minds would have scientifically shouted down any creative minds such as yours, that would have suggested the Universe itself was ten times larger (in terms of stars) than first imagined. However now that “they” have proof that in fact the Universe may in fact by hundreds of times larger, now of course “you” are considered “normal.”

The so called brilliant minds of our Earth, far too often thinking themselves brilliant minds of the Universe are more lost than the much more imaginative, practical thinking mind of yours. And then there is of course for many of us, Religion~ In my case, Spiritualism~
Regardless of the pool you swim in, know that your purpose for being here is just that, “there is a purpose” and your questioning of that purpose is exactly what you should be doing each and every day you greet a new sunlight.

Finding that purpose will not be done by accepting any of the aforementioned pools, finding your purpose is a special gift, given only you. Man will not give you the answer to your being here, Religion and or Spiritualism will not give you an answer to your purpose of being here they are but pathways to take. Only your continual willingness to find your personal purpose of being here will reveal your truth bringing you closer to that answer.

So celebrate your ability to have greeted the light of this day, knowing that in doing so, you are moving in the direction of truth about your gift of existence.
Enjoy and share your journey~



Choose Living Over Existing(CLOE)Gender Free Writer(GFW), MartialArts-Auth"The Spirit That Guides Us" "Noir AM""The Lottery"

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