I herd on the news today
that another child lost their way
The news report read, “one friend fled another laid dead, shot in the head”
I found myself tempted to say
“why are our streets filled with so many strays” like homeless hungry dogs living in the shadow of the dark or the daily shade but soon I remember somewhere mourns

the keeper of an empty womb its fruit
having been slayed
I heard on the news today 90,000 dead
and the world want to declare war over
the 1,000 that should have been killed
by conventional weaponry instead and
again I found myself asking for an answer
“where is Bruce with that rocket launcher?”

I heard on the news today a senator took
$100,000 as extra pay
and a welfare mother now stands convicted
for having claimed an extra meal day
And I find myself wishing for so very long
that Bob was here with us today to break down
the wicked walls of Babylon

I head on the news today another mass
murder, this having taken place in our
Western Capital and the NRA say, “we will
talk of this no Further”
And the oil executives were disappointed
when they say,
“had it been in a Eastern Capital all would
have had a raise in pay”

And I found myself thinking “they make
it so very easy to become a Stray”
I saw in the news today eggs being harvested
from those in captivity their carcasses being
buried to increase productivity and a sane
man is imprisoned for protesting while insanity
gets to walk away from molesting

Again I sent an urgent message
“Dear Bruce! I could really use one the
length of The Northwest Passage”

I sent a request to be the news today
This my one and only direct instruction
“Tell the mothers having lost,
the aimless without a past
I’ve found the real weapons of mass destruction
You can add one more to the growing list
of the homeless hungry dogs that are now
truly pissed~”

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