Start the dance without me~


This chilling meme washes over our minds like yesterday’s headlines as we take a millisecond to reflect, not wishing to spend too much time on any one particular point of painful memories because we must keep something in reserve

We must restrain our painful condolences should we be called upon to again repeat the very same refrain even before we bury our dead, wishing to head out to do a little dangerous shopping instead.

Listening to Leonard’s “Dance me til the end of love” when time is so very precious, no time for church, no time for schools no time for the concerts and not too much time in the malls racing against their 2nd amendment struggles to define who is more cruel so we struggle with Why do anything at all.

Start The Dance Without Me because it may only be the time it takes to hold your hand before non will ever again stand. And the politicians are quickly on to another of their defensive plans,

“Mothers cry ’cause their sons (daughters) will die
knowing not which side of the plot to lie
but it’s the Lily White Men
in the Lily White House
With sterile hands and sterile clothes
They’re surgeons of death,
Surgeons of death,
Surgeons of death”

Leonard’s Dance me to the end of love



Anthony Cloe Huie (Choose Living Over Existing)

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