Sir “SF Ali,” I am most interested in the interplay between “Joshua Shawn Michael Hehe” and “Mr Grey”

In between the unspoken lines of their conversation lives the value of the irony of your listicles from a guy who “FUCKING HATES SELF-HELP LISTICLES”

As a new “wana-be-writer” I am so in agreement with Mr. Grey. It is more valuable to be constructive in a social media environment such as this than to be seemingly caustic in ones critique.
However fast on the heels of that statement is this. I truly do belief we have developed a society of Millennials that have a very warped sense of entitlement. As a coach of young adults, this is a sentiment that we are having to deal with almost with each daily interaction.

And yes, there are so, so, so many freaking feel good postings being shared and yet so very little evidence of any “Actionable Steps” being taken. It would be so very good to see the list of “today I was able to accomplish this or that…” thanks to SF Ali’s list. Now that would be more assuring that in fact we are not simply parroting the “lets share and feel good about myself” behaviour.

With the wonderful power of talking out of both sides of my mouth, I do like many of the things that are listed and fully support their values, ie making oneself a priority instead of always being someone elese’s option, “Learn to Say NO!”

The beauty and value of all of this is to be found in both yours as well as my ability to voice our views. Long live our freedom of speech~



Anthony Cloe Huie (Choose Living Over Existing)

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