Silence Is The Friend, Silence is the Foe

Kelly Vanderbent (Bente)

We can still smell the stretch of burning flesh
each time before we begin
It shields the slave mentality
buried deep
We count the millions buried
never having had their names sounded
That silence now rings louder than the pain
of their crushed bones being grounded
Countless is the count of little white dolls
emotionless, faceless, others simply headless
Silence is the friend
Silence is foe
that never wavers
It is the constant
that reflects exactly
who you are inside at that very moment
you think that standing tall
means believing you are above it all

Decades spent looking towards the sky
and each and every night
on our knees asking why
only to greet another sunlight
in all its glory and sanctimony
Never a moment taken in acknowledgement
of your inhumanity
Hidden beneath these new robes
and titles
are the scars of the whips and chains
forever indented deep in our soul
with each passing day our memories
will never grow old
With each passing soul
our legacy grows in wisdom
a new generation to be told
Silence is the friend
Silence is foe
Like the dam
each new generation builds its wrath
Be forewarned be not in its path

In the wind we hear the calling
we hear the cracks of the branches
laden with the weight of bitter and
rotted fruits
In the wind we hear the calling
we hear the long roll call of names
but no one answers
In the wind we hear the calling
we hear the voices of mothers crying
for the babies birthed
but never again seen
In the wind we hear the calling
we hear the endless singing
of we shall overcome
but time has come, songs no longer
pacify our burning flesh
And you can keep on believing
your father feed the masses
with a single fish
but a child never strives on
an empty dish

Silence is the friend
Silence is foe
Caged and tortured
even with food in hand,
you’re standing in the door
that offers me the only place to go
Needless now asking me, Oh heavenly
father what should we do
I have left for you the very book
you claimed instructed you to do
the things you now do
Trust in it, as you once asked of me
It will show you the very things
I must now do
But best be moving quickly
because with the coming of my new
generation I wouldn’t want be you


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