will confess it is a new medium tried, quality will improve as I settle into the correct lane in my head. Let me know, (plus or minus) any and or all of your thoughts

Mix — Chris Botti & Sting — La Belle Dame Sans Regrets *Sound track background

Sometimes people passing by
stop to ask questions to which
I have no reply
Mostly they ask about the years
that have so quietly slipped by
They ask about the beautiful forest
from their youth
And why now only the burnt
barren land feed the flies
A few stop long enough to share
a memory or two
But mostly they wonder now that
the trees have all gone
what will they do

These are the times I can hear the echo
of Procol Harum
Still confused I am about their song
and then I hear the echoes of Spirits
from beyond
It won’t be long
It is then I realize
life is slowly turning
“A Whiter Shade of Pale”
All the numbers have long fallen
from the scale
Nothing will ever again
weigh the same
And the once endless green
is nowhere to be seen

Now from time to time
a child passes by
They too like their elders before them
will ask, question to which I have
no reply
Mostly they ask about
“Why they were never told about the endless
For this and this alone
I honestly respond,
“they got lost in search of the endless Gold”
Now that too has been long gone
A president has cut all the life giving trees
foolishly thinking we’ll just carry on
and the blind led by the blind seeing
nothing’s wrong
We continue to become
“A Whiter Shade Of Pale.

Now the fields are emptied of their bounties
The soil purge of its rich life
The birds have lost their perches
The majestic eagle walks aimlessly
in realization that everything
that yesterday was flying is now
at its feet among the dead and the dying
and a President declares nothing about
this is real
The beggars pockets are emptied
The burglar’s bag the same
there remains nothing of value
Not a single leader sane
All having sought someone else
to blame

In the distance we hear the fading
sounds of “Sting’s” how fragile we are
Unable to face our reality
we seek out distant stars
This simple life giving space
we’ve failed to comprehend
so from this we dream to transcend
Perhaps it was here to which we arrived
having so long ago poisoned
the life before we were alive
There is no one sitting at the controls
We are all to busily inventing
our replacements, passing judgments
selling flying ships to fools who
themselves have long lost their souls

But not all hope is lost
You still have me and I you
We may not have a solution but we have
no shortages of things to do
Kiss me once more and let us sip on our
glass of life divine as we watch the
ship of fools fly into the now darkened skies
We will never be asked but if we did
we would refuse to
because you still have me and I you
with no shortages of things to do
Kiss me once more and let us sip on our
life divine as we watch the ship of fools

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