image shared from Democratic National Committee Black Caucus

Say all things about rights and justice
Burn the truth when it displeases you and ban the songs of
“We shall overcome”
when it shames you
Overwrite my history with your callous disregard for me
Tell my stories in the language that is now strange to me
Take from me my birthright replacing it with your names for me
Say to me
I have no real history
Give to me
your religious sanctity
Scar my mind
with your delusion of my kind
Destroy every native thread of evidence of me
Then rebuild me in your image of me
And still you are frustrated with my will to be me
Because the very gods you gave to me
have made me a promise to never again allow
the downfall of a beautiful creation such as me
But the Gods that were the creators of me
have made me a promise that it is you that will never
be free of me~


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