Respect Ezinne Ukoha not having had an opportunity to read your previous postings (relatively new to Medium) I am not in the position to compare this point of view to any other.
A very important part of the “becoming Tyrees’” is in fact the very women, yes, Black Women, that gives so much attention to those elevated, financially appropriately secure, can take care of business, (that business being the females), physical (colonial) specimens, that represents the Mandingo reproductive gene pool, (yes again colonial) that when on your arms, they becoming the eye candy, in turn making all other “Sisters” want to cream their shorts.

No Ezinne, I am not in disagreement with you because sadly many of your points are correct. It is however so very sad that so much time is spent via social media, entertainment, Sports, the arts you name it, doing the EXACT THING, we people of colour have long accused the “string masters’ of and that is, highlighting a persona that makes it a weakness, a less than acceptable, a sense of having no ‘real value” if you happened to be just a plain Joe Man of colour~

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