Racist Did Not Elect Donald Trump~



Racist did not elect Donald Trump, the America people did. And although he has done nothing since being elected to have drawn a clear line of separation between his views and those in support of racist ideologies that does not in any way categorizes those having elected him as racist. Yes it is true that for a surprisingly large number of Trump supporters, while having never previously shown any visible signs of blatant racist social behaviour it did not take much more than the slightest scratch to their skin for their racist venom to have flowed.

However what I believe we are dangerously missing here and continues to be lost in the cloud of our own bigotry is history’s own lessons laid out for us from which we are to learn. Let us begin with one of the most often reference and possibly spoken of; the Jewish Holocaust. It is important to reference Jewish with this particular Holocaust because so too did many other nationalities from around the globe suffered unspeakable atrocities at the hands of various inhumane leaders and or instigators. In Hitler’s Germany colour was not the very first barometer for a death sentence but instead religious, cultural difference and the un-measurable 99% blood purity was all that it took.

An estimated 800,000 perished in Darfur’s sectarian blood bath between the Hutus and Tutsi here again colour was not the very first barometer of death but instead your tribal affiliation would have determined your faith. We can move to the wars that raged through Croatia and Bosnia and the eventual destruction of what was previously known as Yugoslavia. The estimated 400 years of religious conflict in Ireland between Protestants and Catholics along with our many present crises described by world conflict monitoring bodies as ethnic cleansing

Why Donald Trump should be viewed as being more than extremely dangerous is answered in his being the chameleon leader that has no loyalty to any one unique believe, cultural cause and or national identity. Notice that whilst Donald Trump talks a fair deal about “Making America Great Again” he uses all the nationalities that he deems necessary in order to execute the first stage of his cleansing of America.

One of his first declarations was to publicly shame anyone looking like or having any cultural associations with the Muslim faith and or culture. Once shamed by his rhetoric it was then very easy to sell a blood thirsting public that such segments of America must leave and would most certainly not be allowed to enter if not already in. This declaration brilliantly entrapped all people of visible minorities as factions of being Muslim. In addition he has clearly identified all South American features as Mexicans therefore making easy to have auctioned them off into in the very same Muslim basket.

Where Hitler declared very openly that one needed to have been of 99% German blood no such declarations have been made by Donald Trump, as yet, in his efforts to define what percentage of purity would populate his new America. This has not been done as an oversight. In fact this is the very foundation of his Make America Great Again Plan. By using those populations that, at this time, feel that they are not on the deportation list, he can marshal all the support he needs to remove one group at a time. It would be impossible for him to rally support for the removal of Muslims, the Africans, the Irish, the Jews, the Polish, the Mexicans, the East Asians among others. So one at a time! And only Donald Trump knows what measure or barometer will be used in his final solution to determine who lives in his New America.

So yes, again I say, Racist did not elect Donald Trump but instead and much more dangerously so he was elected by those thinking that they were his special people. He was elected by those being of very thin skinned with blood boiling just below the surface fueled by the feelings of long running unresolved social disparities. He was elected by intellectuals searching for solutions to problems created by him where none existed before. He was elected by corporations which just like him have never had any loyalties to the voting public only to those sitting on their various boards of directors. More importantly he was elected by YOU~

Now you must decide what were those changes you envisioned that have now slipped into the abbess of wishful thinking. Finally, what is the only difference between Donald Trump and all the other false prophets that came before him? Despite his bolstering he himself is nothing more than a servant of prophecy~ And prophecy is only called prophecy because of your complacency.




Anthony Cloe Huie (Choose Living Over Existing)

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