Our Broken Medical System Is Fixable~

Today, after fighting with the “medically trained and Medically informed” community for almost 2 months to remove my mother from the use of the drug Apo-Metformin
Original ordered to be taking
500 mg 2x per day
Where *(IN MY OPINION) it was causing her to throw up NON STOP for almost 7 weeks, occurring almost after every meal or at least once per day.

The First small victory of that drug being reduced to 250mg 2x per day
Where *(IN MY OPINION) it was STILL causing her to throw up if not each meal then once per couple days in addition to which
and again (IN MY OPINION) was causing her a lost of appetite MOST CERTAINLY LOST OF ENERGY and no will to even get out of bed….

Today, VICTORY AT LAST… they removed her from that drug completely`
Now we will see. So far this is the FIRST DAY she has eaten BECAUSE she felt hungry and so far, the food has stayed where it should be.

In this very litigious society of ours, you are shackled and conditioned to fear so you say NOTHING even when LOGIC would seem to point you in a direction that NOT ALL DRUGS ARE GOOD FOR ALL PATIENTS~

We have a broken Medical System that can be fixed, at least in one section. The system is most certainly over loaded and my mother’s ailment is one of those pushing the system beyond its limits. The nursing, Cleaning, Maintenance, General Support and of course the Physicians are over loaded beyond comprehension. We are using our emergency department for a drive through solution to domestic and spousal violence, Child abuse, Parental abuse, Drug abuse and every and anything that hurts be they of an emergency or just needing a band aid. Be they in need of better social support or just more social awareness. The fact is there are no pre-clearing system for the determination of who and or what kind of concerns end up in our emergency system.
That however is a much larger and clearly much more complex problem needing more time and proper investigatory work to resolve.

After my 83 year old mother suffering back to back strokes and in addition;
My mom has made no less than 5 emergency visits Via Ambulance to the hospital in less than as many months. The most recent combinations of visits have all been related to throwing up and issues revolving around that problem.

Ironically each and every time the emergency services are called, they ask you (ME) the family care giver, “what can you tell us about your mom’s recent state of……”
And of course you tell them WHAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW>

However no one took the time to explain to me, how is it my mother having been on needles for diabetes for the past 3 decades was removed from needles and her insulin medication was now being administered in the form of tablets. When this came to light, my mom said to me, clearly very happily “no more needles”
Wow~! I said, when did that happen? “I don’t know!” Well why would she, when she has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and I was and still is her SOLE ADVOCATE with both MEDICAL AS WELL AS DECISION MAKING power of attorney.
A situation, I might add, I was FORCE to accept when the very medical care system informed me that my mother was no longer able to and would not be allowed to make any decisions concerning her independent living and or any other related issues concerning her care.

Again, no one informed me about that change. We began to notice my mom was throwing up while in the hospital. Shortly after, we were discharged to “Bridges to Care” program living center. A program that would see my mother being placed (temporarily) in a retirement home while awaiting long term care bed and told her throwing up situation was temporary.

Bridges to care is an excellent program however the concerns about communication would take yet another chapter all onto itself to express the many fault lines that should be immediately dealt with.

At the home my mom’s situation became more frequent and more debilitating to her. So badly, meal time became a fearful occasion for my mom. She was EMBARSSED to be throwing up without notice. This seemingly happening to her after every single meal eaten. I took the time to show and explain to ANYONE THAT WOULD L ISTEN it may be the NEW medication.

Prior to his medication change my mother could eat a cow in the morning, another in the afternoon and still have room for whatever you were serving for dinner and never threw up a single thing. Her problem prior to this time was she would eat too much and love eating.
I took the time to get a list of her old mediations, prior to the changing from needles and compared it to the new medications, some of which was of course of the old list. Of the new medications (there were 4 of them) I asked the pharmacist, of these four new drugs which could most likely cause the patient to have diarrhea and or throwing up.

Of the list presented the drug Apo-Metformin came to the top. Still no one would seem to listen.

It was Friday, a regular scheduled doctor’s appointment when we informed the doctor about our concerns about the drug, possible causing her to throw up. No! Do not think so. We were sent off to emergency from the doctor’s office for concerns about a possible abdomen abnormality.
21 hours later back at the residence, having dealt with a doctor that stated, NO IT IS NOT THE DRUG~. But did not have a solution. Again we were released back to the retirement home.

The situation continued. The situation got worst. Again I contacted the hospital and tried to inquire about that drug and the possibility its removal. No success. Things continued to worsen.

Still the problem persisted. Finally my mother stated, I AM NOT EATING ANYTHING ELSE> I am not taking any more drugs. Just let me die, my God will take care of me~.

Faced with those options, on a Saturday morning at about 11a.m I was able to convince the resident clinical staff at the retirement home to remove the drug Apo-Metformin from her list. My mom had, lunch, dinner that day. On Sunday she continued with breakfast, lunch, no throwing up.
At about 4pm on that Sunday I was informed that my mother’s sugar level was climbing at levels that was not acceptable to them. No communication informed me that removing the drug Apo-Metformin (used for sugar control) would not be automatically replaced by the staff with an alternative. That would only be done with a doctor’s order.

After placing back on the the drug Apo-Metformin, no one communicated with me that it is a SLOW RELEASE DRUG and her sugar would continue to climb in the short term. So ONCE AGAIN. While at emergency and ONCE AGAIN I suggested, maybe it is the medication. NO! IT IS NOT!
Ok this time I refused to accept my mother unless something is done about the medication. I left her in emergency and went home to rest while they did what they needed to; more blood test, Xrays, all over and over again, same things being done as previous visits.

Released again to the home, this time ONE HALF the drug Apo-Metformin was being prescribed. The problem would seemed to have stopped.

A few days later signs of her throwing up but it was dismissed as an upset stomach and nothing more. Still it persisted. But her sugars seemed fine and she was eating better. Still it continued now more frequently, possibly two to three times in seven days.

3:30am…mom had a seizure!

Back to emergency! This time she is not eating. She does not understand why the words she is speaking is not the ones she had in her thoughts. Slight extensive loss of memory!

Possibility of Meningitis or Encephalitis were investigated and ruled out.

Still the throwing up persisted in addition to a few other concerns all resulting from not eating properly.

Each time my mother was released in an effort to NOT HAVE BEDS occupied by those who are better able to be in a lesser demanding care. Each time my mother returned to OCCUPY A BED for yet another LONG PERIOD OF TIME.

Today, VICTORY AT LAST… they removed her from that drug completely`
Now we will see. So far this is the FIRST DAY she has eaten BECAUSE she felt hungry and so far, the food has stayed where it should be.


With all the various medical adjustments to her medications, with me being at the hospital almost EVERY SINGLE DAY, checking in with the nurse’s station on each and every arrival for any updates and with super support from an associate who, had themselves recently lost a parent and therefore very familiar with certain aspects of the medical system, STILL they did not listen.

So to my original statement. My mom is a part of the problem yes. HOWEVER this could have been so much easier and less stressful on the Medical System, not to mention my LOST OF WORK, my mother’s BLOOD PRESSURE, if only I was allowed to advocate on my mother’s behalf and if and only if, YOU THE MEDICAL SUPPORTING SYSTEM WOULD COMMUNICATE!

Stop treating family and support members like freaking mushrooms keeping us in the dark and feeding us bullshit.
We are, at times, much more aware of the very questions you asked each and every time, if only you would COMMUNICATE with us like we are actually a PART OF THE SOLUTION and not a part of something to be ignored and treated like we are without value.

We will see what comes next~



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