Without any further words spoken but with the slightest nod from Raydiacyn, her male escorts moved in closer, putting themselves between her and Annaka. The movement of Raydiacyn’s guards brought them closer to Annaka’s escort. In response, Annak’s guads moved in to protect Annaka. Facing each other in a manner that saw them standing between the two females, the guards’ faces reflected a state of high alert. The children moved closer to Mahrakhiel, who had taken a standing position.

“Kaklllllllllaaa!” A child screamed. This was a sound of danger used by many.

“We have many children here!” Mahrakhiel shouted at the two quarreling females.

Mahrakhiel, who had been purposefully silent, had now spoken. Once Mahrakhiel spoke, the guards, as if made to do so by an unseen force, stepped backward with an equal number of strides. Having retreated slightly, both groups of guards were looking at Mahrakhiel, relaying on his wisdom. The guards, now brandishing weapons openly for the first time which had been well hidden under their garments, did not appear to have the same appetite for battle as did their respective masters. They looked at Mahrakhiel with eyes that pleaded with him, hoping that his wise words could prevent the inevitable. Mahrakhiel did not disappoint the guards as he addressed their two female masters.

“Annaka, Daughter of the House of Sunn Reenalta! Raydiacyn, Daughter of the House of Ackka! I have sat with members of both your families while serving on the Counsel and never have we had such a public display of disrespect.”

There was a moment’s pause, which seemed to take an endless Quadra. Both sides remained motionless. Neither side wanted to make any movements, not even so much as to acknowledge the sound of the wind, fearing, that too could easily give cause for an attack. Mahrakhiel, experienced leader of the Nation of Descendants, knew that time would give the real taste of pain to the appetites of those wishing to do battle and so he waited. The longer the time, the bitter the taste, the lesser the appetite will be for battle. As if to highlight the need for silence, the usually noisy birds in the Nobia Tree, for the smallest of a Quadra, were silent. Mahrakhiel, sensing that enough of a Quadra had passed, seemed ready to put an end to this quarrel. He broke the long, uncomfortable silence.

“Annaka!” Mahrakhiel called.

Having received her attention, Mahrakhiel, again spoke to her.



Choose Living Over Existing(CLOE)Gender Free Writer(GFW), MartialArts-Auth"The Spirit That Guides Us" "Noir AM""The Lottery"

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