You brought me home to your heart
locked the door
and then
you left me there in the dark
in it’s sadness
in the loneliness with the promise that
we would never again be apart.

And yet each day I look to see
if there is a light coming from the crack of the door
when once again you would appear.
And how I’ve looked with hope
looked in faith
looked and looked but there’s no one there.
Perhaps life has simply placed you in a different state of affairs.

Suddenly it became clear
I am the one being waited upon
I am the one
longed by you
to let in the that small glimmer of light
just by simple asking
how are you?

And so I ask you now
have you been checking in
on those you gave shelter in your heart of friendship
Have you been offering
the nourishment of hello
Are you willing to offer your mentorship
or just let love fallow


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