Renee Fisher@reneefisherandco

It is so much easier to say goodbye
If I never have to look you in the eye
And no one ever lives a better life
by first agreeing to die
But try as hard as we may,
to do the things you say
staying here with you is never
going to bring back the joy of yesterday

Sometimes life will pull you through the fire
Sometimes it will pull you through the rain
Sometimes you wake up and wonder
was it all worth the pain
The thing that hurts us most
is not the good friends we’ve lost along the way
but the ones we are wrongly trusting
each and every day

So you dry your eyes
and bound your wound
You’re a Gladiator
having survived the evil that strives
on sucking the very oxygen from
a child’s balloon
The sun raises each and every day
even when not seeing it, you say
Yet here I am standing in full view
that you’ll understand
the fate you show in that which
you cannot see
Is the very same I need of you in me.


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