My Middle Finger Loves You~

Living beside me all this time you’ve been a ticking time bomb
Killing my dreams my hopes all the time acting dumb
Eating beside you all this time you’ve been a veil of nitro
Smiling right with me all along you’ve been volatile petro

Your dynamite smiles were not to be enjoyed
You’re that pearl like flash just before everything gets destroyed
You had me for so very long
Thinking you were my sweet song
You fooled me coming on so strong
Giving me feelings of I too could belong

And then you played dirty misty for me
While all the time crying for all to see
You broke into my heart and boiled my bunny
All the time you kept on smiling calling me honey
You shattered my weekend stand of affection
You’re my Femme Fatal my fatal attraction

I am leaving you tomorrow long time coming
like so many times before I said I am going
I am believing you today saying you’re filled with sorrow
I’ve been living with you in horror of cupid’s arrow
I am sticking to erasing your picture from my mirror

Your kisses have become bacon crisp easily broken
Your eyes now reflect the image of mine, forsaken
Your hugs have begun to show signs of bruising
My love have begun to show the signs of freezing
You have taken from me your share of plenty
And yet continue take though my soul be empty

You are the messenger of Satan’s army
You are the passenger that will surely harm me
You are the political correct flirt
You are the presidential piece of dirt
You are the mission that always goes wrong
You are the melancholy in every miserable song
You are on every back that’s ever been broken
You’re the rusted lock that guarded ever precious
thing stolen

They say if you have nothing good to say
then say nothing
Now that I have said all the good things
about you I will say nothing.

Choose Living Over Existing(CLOE)Gender Free Writer(GFW), MartialArts-Auth"The Spirit That Guides Us" "Noir AM""The Lottery"

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