My love Is An Imperfect Wall
(Pt 1)

Valeriy Kryukov@inconstantus

My love is an imperfect wall with its doors, windows
its gaping unexplained absences of stability
My love is the collective shades of my years of struggles
It is the reflection of having weathered the brutality
of disappointment
While still in its transition It is my life’s artistic masterpiece
My love is a wall in constant need of repair
but come what may it stands firm, a place of shelter
a guarded barracks to protect the privacy of your tears
My love is a wall that has stood the test of its time
My protective wall still stands until you should say,
you no longer wish to be mine

Kiss Of Passionate Memories
(Pt. 2)

So many times in a lifetime we say the very same words
l love you
And with each new recital we confess our truest of intent
And with each and every new heart broken we confess no
harm meant
But truth be known they are only words like bricks in the wall
only layers of the mason’s intent
With each new layer nothing is lost of the last, just built upon
So too with the many I love You’s
Just layers of emotions
Just layers of today’s recitals built upon yesterday’s forget-me-nots
But forget we will
Forget we do
And upon the final layer do we now say nothing below was ever true

For if each and every layer below becomes weakened with the new
Left to crumble under the layers of forgetfulness
Under the layer of the very first kiss,
the passion that we now regret knowing nothing
since has ever been like this
If everything past has lost its value then
sadly it seems nothing ever last
when at first we fall out of love with the past
Give me back my very first love, not to live and relive
but just to kiss instead its passionate memories
just once more before
again, for another layer of life, I gently close the door




Anthony Cloe Huie (Choose Living Over Existing)

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