Sydney Sims

You’ve been my joy
my bitter pain
but at the end of the day
I’ve only myself to blame
When you told me
you could be violent
I saw it as a challenge
to prove to you my tenacity
Laying here now on the floor
rip from stem to stern
fear has gotten me silent
I could head to the door
but that would only
reflect poorly on my humanity
If I did nothing to help
the other in line
as my replacement

Today I will stand up
Today I will stop praying
Today the bag over my head
will become the one in which
they find you dead
Today all your evil

It is said
Love shouldn’t hurt but it does

Oh heavens!
The sun shines once more
all in life has returned
just as it was before
while the devil
is busily preparing
a bed for one more~


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