Ms. Rosa Parks We Need You Now!

The NFL ‘s most recent declaration of NO KNEELING will either prove to be a bullet in their own leg or worst a light being shun upon the cowards that have long hidden behind the comfort of their pay-cheques while giving LIP SERVICE support to the issues as raised by Colin Kaepernick.

This recent maneuvering by the NFL owners is nothing more than, a very transparent attempt to side track a potential massive legal action of Collusion against the league. The NFL, by hurriedly making it ILLEGAL to kneel during the playing of the national anthem is gambling that they will somehow avoid the oncoming massive train wreck of legal cost for the allegations of collusion. In addition their financial losses to date will continue to amount to appoint of them having to either do business in the 21st century or return to their 19th century minimalist leagues.

In addition those corporations that continue to sponsor those owners with these continued racist attitudes will soon find themselves having to make some very difficult financial decisions of their own.

When the Vice President of the USA tweets out that this rule change is a victory for the Potus and for the fans and of course America, we have clearly crossed the lines of “church and state.” The president went on to further comment that if you are not in agreement then maybe you SHOULD NOT BE IN THE COUNTRY~ REALLY!! Not be allowed in the Country!!!

I will quote from the poster Rosemary Apolinario here:
“Americans claim to hold their constitution so dear to their heart, that they are sacrificing the lives of school children for upholding of the second amendment. Does not the first amendment have the same power and importance?”

This issue goes far beyond the 1st or 2nd amendment rights. However it is a bright light of reality that will now expose the cowards that have found it easy to quote, Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Ms. Rosa Parks in addition to the many others they claim to have been their heroes. Now this light has given all an opportunity to either give way to your 1st amendment rights by selling your souls, driving back social justice 100 hundred years or finally do the right things showing you truly understand what it means to stand your ground.

Those days of burning and lynching, water hoses and dogs are NOT GONE~ Your continued inaction is what keeps those inhumane behaviors alive. #Actionablesteps




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