Lost the key to my heart


Feeling philosophical Monday kind of a day!
Ever wake up some days feeling as if you have lost
the keys to your own heart.
It’s not he lost that concerns you as much
because you have lived this life before.
The real fear you have is not knowing who will
be arriving holding those very keys.

So much in life is what happens to us
not having much to do with what we planned.
As they say,

“life is what happens when we’re busy making other plans”

There’re no shortages of songs to remind us
of the many holders of keys to our hearts
from our high school/post secondary
or just a special time before life as we know it now.
Regardless of who holds the keys to your heart
just be certain the lock is securely in the palm of your hands.
Love with all of you, not knowing
when you’ll never love again.
Love as if it would be your last breath,
no room for fighting
loving as if it would be your final goodbye.
Have a most beautiful Monday.