I am the darkness that dimmed your light
I am the cold that dampened your warmth
I am the past that cancelled your future
I am the river having ran dry in your rainy season

I am the thirst that knows no quenching
I am cupid’s arrow broken
I am the destination forever distanced
I am the truth that must forever remain unspoken

I am the sorrow that stole your joy
I am uncertainty overshadowing your bright horizon
I am the numbing that silenced your voice
The reality robbing you of all choice

I am defeat from the mouth of victory
And I am kept alive
by the oxygen of your negativity

Your words and your thoughts
are the navigational tools of your destination.
That which you can conceive you can achieve.
It is a FRAGILE line
that divides our yes from our no
where fear goes we need not know.
We need only not to be here
when next it appears.



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