Letting Go~


Izabelle Acheson@belleam

Sometimes the worst pain we endure
is not the bitterness of lost
but the agony of holding on
Sometimes the pain of thinking them gone
seems endless
but holding on will soon become
our death or self-inflicted madness
And if in life we at our very best
when we choose to leave them
better than once we found them
then truly if we love them letting go
is to be more noble
when selfishness we forego

Tomorrow, despite its allusiveness
will once again arrive for if it does not
then today would have been our only
chance to say
I truly wish you a much better life
For when tomorrow does arrive
and we are still both alive
It is I that will smile
knowing that
for just one moment in time
I lived life as if there was something
so much more valuable than mine

There are many things in life
I have never truly understood
The value of sonnets
the wonderful study of the planets
the great works of art
the many great books of writers
depicting how we all arrived here
from the start
Still I am humbled knowing this one thing
with absolute certainly
in you
one of the world’s
greatest hearts
Goodbye my love~




Anthony Cloe Huie (Choose Living Over Existing)

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