The officer that choked Mr. Eric Garner to his death, took 5 more years on the force before leaving his comfortable employment. To this day no one has been held accountable.

Being a child of the late 60’s early 70’s when many US Cities burned before any changes were even considered, let it now burn again if that is what it takes to save the life of the next BLACK suspect from POLICE VIGILANTE INJUSTICE.

Let it Burn if that is what it takes to beat a Justice System over the head that has long been the deadly school yard bully in EVERY BLACK LIFE.

Let it burn until there are no more BLACK BODIES to be broken and our mothers no longer a sad prayer spoken.
Let it burn from the East to the West, from the North to the South,
Let it burn until that final breath is squeezed out of our mouths
Let it burn
Let it burn
Let it burn down to the ground

Let it burn until every ghost in our grave yards of heroes finally and permanently Rest In Peace.
Let it burn, for if it is truly me that drives you to fear for your life, then let it burn a WHITE CROSS in your chest to always remind you of the centuries of my life you have oppressed
Let it burn
Let it burn
Let it burn down to the ground

And when there are no more buildings, no more of your penal institutions
And when there are no more inexcusable excuses for you inhumane allegations
And when all that which as given you your disease of blinded privilege
Is finally and permanently, abandoned it is then we will sit once more, equal to rebuild our global village.


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