It’s Friday~

Anthony Cloe Huie
1 min readDec 20, 2019


Dmitry Schemelev@enioku

Fear is for the fearless not for the timid
Hope is for those with an abundance of
not for the hopeless
Joy is only truly enjoyed by those with
a song to sing
not for those with nothing
Love is there for all to share
yet quickly dies with no one around you
to care
It’s Friday

Fear is everywhere
hold on
Hope might be fleeting
Joy elusive
love may be dying
but you can count on me
I’ll be there
with an abundance of love to share
like the oxygen in your air
It’s Friday

I’ll be there
I’ll be your that guy
not your goodbye never
saying why
but your personal ride and die
I’ll always care
just call and I’ll be there
It’s Friday

Happy Friday to you~




Anthony Cloe Huie

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