It would seem that our modern ways of thinking, is to see all problems through the eyes of the pharmaceutical lens. And thus we must then give all things a name so we can therefore medicate by design.
An “incel” to this simpleton, by any other name is a young man, seeking a partner, (woman) but unsuccessfully able to find a “satisfactory” match. Be it by reason of the incel’s physical features or any other reason, it is a problem of ‘Match making”

We need not castrate the problem we simply need to widen “Cupid’s” territory.
We need not to make this a Government responsibility, we simply need to expand our “social consciousness”
We need not call it by a name [“incel”] as that would be the correct ANSWER we need to simple ask the correct question,
why in such a liberal minded society, do we have anyone (male or female) categorized in this manner?

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