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Firstly, I think women obsess about their own hair way tooooo much. Secondly, for as long as I have been conscious of flirting and or the connectivity of similar behaviors, a woman’s hair has been either the center of or not very far from that COMMERCIAL…

Finally, to have a full conversation about the power of hair or lack thereof then we must marry that conversation with one about the stigma of involuntary baldness.

Sadly sexuality and or femininity (male or female) has long been based on one part hair along with a few other selected parts of the anatomy.
It is estimated that the Hair care industry (USA) will reach in excess of some 90,million by the year 2023. We have and will continue to be bombarded with the belief that (mostly women) a Woman’s hair is power. Perhaps it does not have the power of Sampson but it most certainly has fueled an entire industry.

So I would ask to not be so harsh on us mere mortals being blinded with all that commercialisation and sexualization of your hair.
On a personal note, I can say, after many years of having my (then girlfriend) lady coming home from the hair dresser, having spent and entire day there only to complain about the cut and the style and or something they screw up, time and time and time again; I finally said to her, “why do you do this to yourself?”
She responded, “Because you have always like my hair this way”

As a result for many decades to present, those having any knowledge of my views of women and their hair, will know my response, if asked, “so what do you think of my hair?” I love your hair in WHATEVER way you chose. I only need one thing and that is you do what ever you wish that makes you happy and I am fine. So when my Lady cut her hair at the very same barber I was cutting mine and many of my associates asked me what were my thoughts, I simply responded,
Go ask her.
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