Anthony Cloe Huie
1 min readAug 3, 2018


Jonathan Rados @jonathanrados

Today I awoke with a dream that escaped my night’s sleep
It began its haunting of my waking hours from its inception
At first I thought I would outwait its stay
or at best it would last no more than a day
At nightfall I was sure it went away

Today I awoke with a dream that returned from my past
So sure I was yesterday that today it would not last
Yet here we both were
victims of our darkness from afar
Strangers desperately trying to find our night star

Today I awoke with no dream, no evidence of one having been
I searched in desperation near and far, even our night star
There was a hollow silence, despair
Somehow I knew that I have been here
And I knew here, I was no longer a stranger, home

Tonight I will sleep without a worry about tomorrow~



Anthony Cloe Huie

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