Michael Mims@michaelrmims

I am the sweat, blood and tears that flowed.
I am the bodies in the many graves.
I am the mothers that died never having seen their dreams come alive.
I am the risen from the ashes of despair.
I am the seed that has grown from dissension.
I am the future born from our sometimes violent past.
I am the everlasting race, tracking our history running so very fast.
I am the embodiment of everything and everyone you’ve ever known;
I Am The Dream.

I Am The Dream that kept you safe when the crosses burned your soul.
I Am The Dream that steered your arrows away from its violent retaliation when bitter seeds were sown.
I Am The Dream that kept you warm when words so very cold were thrown.
I Am The Dream that carried you when your burden felt you could no longer go on.
I Am The Dream

And when in passing you should glimpse me crying, know that those are my tears of joy.
And if you should see me smiling know that I smile for the memories of those never having had that opportunity to cry tears of joy nor smile sincerely.
And though I have had many of my days greet me with trials and tribulations
I accept my burden knowing that this too shall pass and the past has assured me of a future with those of you who
will dare with me,
who will fly with me,
who will soar the universe with me
boldly go where no other dreamer has ever gone.
We are now one.
I Am because you Are living the Dream!

On Sep 9, 2017

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