I am on the fence~ Rachel B. Baxter e Kathleen Clarke Anderson
I enjoyed having had a platform on which to breathe air into my old scrolls and or penned work of fiction, imagination and at times painfully all be it with shamefully attempted disguise, feelings that only this audience would seem to have both the empathy and compassionate ear with which to listen, well I guess more truthfully, eyes with which to read.

I know marketing formulas would say had you tried to charge me anything over $5 I would most likely have said NO! However who is going to miss $5 after a few months of doing it!!! Well me! Still I am ok with that.
That very same marketing 101 says that in time, just like taxes, you can slowly, incrementally, increase the amounts in ways equally unnoticed and before time you will get them to pay the $10; 15 or what ever amount you originally intended. Know that unless, like noted there are real tangible financial rewards to either myself or a cause that I can rally around, the answer is now and will be then NO!!

I do not expect something for nothing! I do not expect for others to freely give of themselves, like world without end, for me. While I am a great supporter of “In the service of my fellow (Wo)Man”, I am most certainly no fan of in servitude or enslaved on my behalf, so I am ok with a small contribution to the cause.

While I understand it may not reflect the multi-Million dollar amounts of many of the other platforms, please do your very best to show the respect not equaling to my $5 but more than surpassing the valuable of my intent.

Choose Living Over Existing(CLOE)Gender Free Writer(GFW), MartialArts-Auth"The Spirit That Guides Us" "Noir AM""The Lottery" https://twitter.com/dropoutgorgeous

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